How can i use the chat?
Press ENTER in the game interface and write your text. Press ENTER to send.

I cannot login / I forgot my password?
Go to the login menu and click on "Forgot Password?", you can receive a new password via Email.
You can change your password and email entry in the setup menu

Where is my base?
Click on the green dot on the map or just relogin

How to right click on a Mac?
Press Control on your keyboard while clicking

Is it possible to hack Titanium?
No, Beware of scammers that want your password to allegedly give you Titanium.
They just want to login into your account to change password and email, so that you cannot login anymore.
Therefore, NEVER tell anyone your password!
Also beware of "hacking sites" that promise that they allegedly can "generate" Titanium. They also just want either collect passwords, or ask for your mobile number / credit card number (or something similar).
And no, of course they don't work, there was just someone who has only tinkered a page with some form fields.

How do I start the one Minute production?
Click on the rectangle to start the one minute production | Astro Conquest | Impressum | Support